Fidelity Investments

This project is contracted through SCADpro Design Studio for Fidelity Investments.

The goal is to scale and improve the sales process by exploring the potential of Fidelity's Large Language Model and generative AI technologies.
3 months | 2023
Figma, Midjourney, Chat GPT4, Adobe Illustrator
SCADpro Design Studio - 2 VDs, 4 UXRs, 1 Project Manager, 4 UXDs
Fidelity Investment - 4 Account managers, 1 Product Manager, 1 Lead Developer

◦ About My Role

UX Design Lead

As the UX design lead for this project, I collaborated with 9 members from the SCADpro team, working on research, branding, design opportunities and design deliverables. We worked closely with Fidelity's sales team and their AI incubator team to ensure our design solutions were well-aligned with both parties' constraints and goals.

◦ Fidelity's Product

Student Debt Program for workplace

A program for businesses to sign on to, supporting their employees in paying off student debt. It is often considered as company benefit for attracting top talent.

◦ Product's Issue

Struggle to elicit client's empathy

The sales team has struggled to elicit empathy from clients to help them understand the potential impact of enrolling in Fidelity's program.

Through research, we
identified limitations in the sales team's pitch deck.

◦ Research Insights

Findings from Qualitative Interviews with Sales Team

◦ The sales deck provides industrial data but
lacks personalized data for customers to make better decisions.

◦ Hard to elicit empathy from clients to help them comprehend the challenges
faced by employees burdened with student debt.
Insights Learned from Potential Clients
Decision Makers - HR managers / CEO / CFO

◦ Struggle to understand how the programs would benefit the
company's performance other than tax benefit.

◦ Evaluation in program's value
takes several months as this involves discussions with the board and conducting surveys on employees' interest in using student debt repayment as an employee benefit.
Design Goal: Show, communicate, and scale the impacts
of the student debt program effectively while eliciting user's empathy

◦ Solution Highlights

Fidelity's student debt program sales deck fails to effectively shows the financial value to potential clients.
A data visualization dashboard, allowing users to customize their contributions and see the comprehensive impacts on the financial metrics.
Decision makers struggle to understand the challenges faced by employees burdened with student debt.
A personalized scenario powered by generative AI, through Midjourney API, enables users to visualize their workforce and explore the impact with company's data as they apply different contributions the program.

◦ Challenge in Backend Iterations

Empowering Decision-Makers with Data Transparency

The decision-makers for enrolling the student debt program are Fidelity's clients, including HR managers, CEOs, and CFOs.

Our research insights revealed that by
providing data transparency regarding how Fidelity calculates the impacts on both client's company performance and employees' performance, this can expedite the decision-making process during board discussions. This not only accelerates the analysis of data and reports but also fosters trust between Fidelity's sales team and their clients.

To achieve this, we have designed
the settings feature for sales personnel or clients to validate their data and algorithms.

Engineering constraints

Our initial design solution emphasized usability, customization and improved visualization. However, the developer from the AI Incubator team pointed out that the initial design (click-and-drag functionality on the canvas) was too complicated and time-consuming to build and recommended opting for a more simpler design approach.

Importance of being proactive with developers

We had several design options that received feedback indicating developers would require a significant amount of time to build, even though the sales team believed these designs would enhance their workflow efficiency.

To improve the design process efficiency, early check-ins with developers to discuss design solutions are crucial, especially given our time constraints.