Je m'appelle Anna Hsiao. A warm welcome for visiting! I am a multidisciplinary designer based in the Bay area, concentrating on UX design for my career.

Throughout my 5 years of design experiences - fashion design, marketing design, as well as UI/UX design, I've always felt most inspired to ideate and solve problems for the people. I focus on a high-end design strategy that is elite, structural, responsive, and equity-focused, creating a captivating experience for users, and positive growth for the business.

I was born in Taiwan, raised in Shanghai 🌃 China,

moved to ☀️ California for higher education, and to pursue my American Dream.  

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management at Cal Poly Pomona. Currently finishing my User Experience certificate at UCLA Extension and Google. Previously I majored in Merchandising Product Development (A.A) and graduated from FIDM.

Most people find my background has a wide variety🌈. I started with Merchandising Product Development as my major. I transitioned to Marketing and UX (Human Interaction Design) when I was in college.

Ever since I discovered my passion for solving problems and delivering inspirational, aesthetic modern interface design, I have been determined to be the product designer who improves the lives of others.

With my experience in marketing, I am more efficient in completing projects through research, survey, analysis, and testing. I believe my in-depth marketing background can help the products I design to be inclusive, user-friendly, and easy to learn.

Are you looking for an inquisitive and compassionate multidisciplinary designer to join your team? Feel free to shoot me a message on LinkedIn should you have any questions.

Let's have a chat!