Year: 2023

2 weeks for each part

Sotfware & Skills

Java, Illustrator





Overall Project Goal

  • Advance programming skills in problem solving and computational thinking in order to design, write and debug code
  • Examine the role of interactive prototyping processes used to build interactive applications


When UX designers are presented with a complex design challenge that offers multiple potential solutions, they may opt to perform a design sprint in order to tackle it effectively. A design sprint can save time, prioritize the user, and test the product before it's launched.

Taking inspiration from Deekay Won's "LetsWalk" series, I envision an icon of myself as a UX designer walking down a path, much like Mario breaking through different levels.

I came up with an idea to design an icon of myself as a UX designer walking down a road to complete a design sprint. The road is called Design Sprint Rd.

The character will hit different icons of “Start”, “Research”, “Ideation”, “Decision”, “Prototype”, and “Validate”.

Design Concept

Character Design

Design Rendering Part 1

Design Rendering Part 2
Day Mode

Night Mode

Java Strategy

For coding details, please check it here.

The Design Sprint Rd. - Part One

The Design Sprint Rd. - Part Two