Spotify Redesign*

- A developing portfolio

Adding a social connecting feature, currently in the process of research stage

Instashot banner


- A Health App

Instashot is a mobile app and news aggregator that operates a vaccine appointment and testing services. The service allows users to read latest health articles based on publishers or websites they select. It also provides vaccination and testing services for users to make appointment and save their digital record on mobile.

Tooth Fairy

- A Dental Platform

A dental community platform that develops, hosts, and markets the dental industry, which allows for users to publish reviews about dental businesses, make an appointment, find nearest doctors, and view patient's bill.

How an Audio Social Network, Clubhouse, is the biggest trend in 2021

@ Medium

- An article written published by Bootcamp

Exploring Clubhouse’s social audio feature as the next wave in product design. 

DiDi Bike

@ DiDi

- Ride Share system redesign

Redesigning DiDi Bike's app on WeChat and Mobile Platform to optimize user flow and increase MAU.