Coachella Custom Made

Duration: 3 days, 2018

This custom made design was for my friend Melissa who asked me to be her Coachella designer.
She really wants an identical outfit from a Instagram influencer @rhiannaonrose_
After a period of fabric hunting in DTLA, I found this amazing Raschel Lace knit from Michael Levine and turned it into the same pattern design but added on some unique design elements that fits Melissa's personality.

The Process

Pattern making - Sewing - Fitting

After having her measurements, it was essential to making sure the patterns are fitted to her body.
I designed the dress in a tied strap so that it can hold the breast up when tied up.
Since this is a knit fabric, I shrank down some inches to better fit the body.
The challenge of making this dress was the baby hem binding finishes. This Raschel Lace is made of 100% polyester fiber, and filament yarns, the property of this fabric makes it a little hard to have it to be stabilized at 1/4 inches while sewing.

The Outcome

" I absolute adore how my outfit came out. I felt so confident and beautiful that day." - @Melissaohh_