My Role

Student at UCLA - Extension

   Year:    2021

  A personal project - developing


 Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Miro,



Mobile IOS


Spotify's Landing Page

Spotify focus on "listening" as their value. This redesign aims to "Listening & Connecting" as the new value that I designed for Spotify.

The inspiration comes from the ux study I did for QQ Music, one of the three Chinese freemium music streaming services owned by Tencent Music. Most of the Music Services apps in China have a social connection feature for music lovers to discuss music, share music ideas, and connect to each other.

The result from social connection/community feature increased their MAU in 256.35 million users (Statista) in May 2021.


Due to cultural differences, I found out that American tends to enjoy music by listening, except for music professionals in the industry. Unlike American, Chinese tend to discuss the quality of music from the production, inspiration, instrumental choices, to lyrics content, even if they are not an expert. They share their feelings and ideas on the music platform.

The challenge of this redesign project is to inspire American that Listening is not everything, Listening & Connecting, is everything.


The first step in my design discovery journey was to conduct a user research to find out what users want to focus on the most and what are their top pain points.  <Google Survey Form>

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